Is Teamgage really anonymous?

Is Teamgage really anonymous?

Is Teamgage anonymous?

When employees begin using our product, we’re often asked “is Teamgage anonymous?”

Yes, is the short answer – Teamgage is anonymous.

One of the design pillars at Teamgage is offering anonymity to submitting users. We believe that in order to provide honest and open feedback, users need to feel safe in submitting their ideas or concerns without fear of retaliation or retribution.  

For that reason we take the process of maintaining anonymity very seriously, and will refuse to allow companies to access data that would personally identify a submitter so that you can feel safe to have your voice heard in the improvement process. While Teamgage engages your organisation to provide our services, in the area of anonymity you should consider Teamgage to be an independent third party. We will not provide any information to an organisation that might assist them in personally identifying submission feedback. Acting as a third party in this way is beneficial for our users and the organisations we engage with. As a user you can be protected from retaliation, and as an organisation your employer gets better quality feedback than they would if they tried to solicit it directly.

There is, however, one exception and one note which you should keep in mind:


Where we are notified of a comment that threatens, alludes or relates to the undermining of personal safety or the potential physical harm to anyone, we may attempt to trace a submission back to an individual and provide such details to a legitimate law enforcement agency and/or the organisation with which the commenter is employed or engaged.  

This possibility will only be enacted if we, as an independent third party, agree that:  

  • the content breaches these guidelines and that tracing back the source may assist in the prevention of harm
  • a legitimate law enforcement agency has requested the information
  • we are legally obligated to contact a law enforcement agency to make them aware of such a threat or action to assist in the apprehension of any individual who breaks the law in the appropriate jurisdiction or
  • our providing an individual identity to a law enforcement agency could assist them in apprehending any individual who has, or plans to break the law in the appropriate jurisdiction

Other than the dot points above, which are there for the safety of all Teamgage users, the anonymity of our users will always be preserved.

Any questions, just let us know.

Last updated 10th April 2021

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