What is CHESS? What is a HIN?

What is CHESS? What is a HIN?

CHESS (Clearing House Electronic Sub-Register System) is the computer system used by the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), Chi-X Australia (CXA) and National Stock Exchange (NSX) to record shareholdings and manage the settlement of share transactions. 

All trading accounts with Marketech will be CHESS sponsored by OpenMarkets Australia. Once your account has been approved, a Holder Identification Number (HIN) will be generated for you and linked to your Marketech account, you will then receive a CHESS statement in the mail confirming that your account is sponsored by OpenMarkets on behalf of Marketech.  Your HIN will be used to identify all your share holdings under this account at CHESS and the share registries.

We do not have a custodian system or pooled fund - all our clients trade with their own HIN which means all shares held are in your name.

You can choose to transfer an existing HIN from another broker, otherwise we will issue you a new HIN when you set up an account which will speed up the process. 

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    • What if my HIN transfer doesn’t work?

      Here are a few reasons your HIN/stock transfer request can be rejected or delayed: Electronically signed - your transfer request form must be signed by pen. Incorrect details - check that you have provided us with the correct HIN and broker PID.  ...
    • How do I transfer my HIN or Stock from another broker?

      When you complete an online application, you can choose to transfer your HIN from another broker or establish a new HIN with Marketech. **For active traders who want to trade sooner, we RECOMMEND establishing a new HIN and then transferring the stock ...
    • How do I transfer issuer sponsored holdings to my Marketech account/HIN?

      To transfer issuer (SRN) sponsored holdings to your Marketech HIN, simply: Print and complete the attached Issuer Sponsored Holding Transfer Form (the form must be signed by pen). Submit to Marketech at support@marketech.com.au Attach copies of your ...
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      Your banking relationship is direct between you and Macquarie, and as such Marketech don’t have any involvement.  As such, all cash transfers can be done by you through your Macquarie online portal. Whilst funds can usually be transferred between ...
    • Where can I find my HIN?

      Your HIN and other account details can be found as per below: In the portfolio tab, next to your account name, click the   A pop up will appear of your accounts. Click the  then 'view account details' Your HIN is available under 'Trading Account.'