What are the fees for Marketech?

What are the fees for Marketech?

Marketech charge for the subscription to our trading platform and brokerage for trades.

Platform charge

  1. This fee is direct debited from your credit/debit card every month.
  2. The billing date for your subscription is based on the date you subscribe.
  3. Our Standard+ and Premium subscription plans are coming soon.  See our pricing table here for information on our other subscription plans.

  1. The brokerage per transaction is a buy and sell.

Marketech aims to be the lowest cost platform for trading and we utilise OpenMarkets for our settlement and trade service. 

For a list of administration costs (e.g for off market transfers etc) from OpenMarkets, please refer to Part 2 of our FSG.

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    • Is there a fee to open an account?

      There are no fees associated with opening a trading account (or linked cash account) with Marketech for Australian residents, however, you must have a current subscription to our trading platform Marketech Focus before you can open an account. ...
    • Are there any fees associated with the Macquarie CMA?

      There are no account keeping or transaction fees incurred by the client on the Macquarie CMA.
    • Are shares purchased through Marketech CHESS sponsored?

      Yes, all shares bought through Marketech are CHESS sponsored in your account name.
    • Why is the news delayed 20 minutes?

      The ASX has put a premium on live news articles and at this time, is not feasible at the platforms current price point. However, this is a feature that we will look to add on in the near future.
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      Different scenarios Stop orders (or conditional orders) allow you to trigger a buy or sell order once a certain price event has occurred. Steps in the order: 1)    Nominate the trigger price – either ‘last price’, ‘bid’ or ‘offer’. The last price is ...