How do I use Marketech Focus?

How do I use Marketech Focus?

Watch a quick walk-through here or follow the steps as per below.

How can I view my portfolio?
Click the  icon at the top left of the screen, enter your PIN and your portfolio will drop down. 

Where do I find the technical indicators?
Click on theicon at the bottom left of your screen. Here you will find several different indicators, a number of them can be customised.

How do I add a stock to my watchlist?
In the search box located in the top right corner of the platform, enter the stock you would like to add, press the  icon, then click ‘Add to Watchlist’; this will turn  and the stock will appear under your Watchlists.

Where do I change my password?
Press the   icon at the top right corner of the screen.
Press the ‘My Details’ tab. Once you’re in ‘My Details’, under Login Details press ‘Change Password’.
Type in your current password, new password and Save.

How do I change the type of chart?
Click on the  icon at the bottom left of your screen, instantly a selection of charts will become available for your choice.

How do I turn on alerts?
Price and volume alerts will be available on the base platform.
Click the  icon at the top left of the screen.
To confirm your alert hit ‘Save’.
News alerts are under the  icon in the news section, to turn this on click the  icon, this will then turn  when activated.
A summary of your alerts will be under the  icon.

 Includes: Market detail, Latest activity of sales, News and fundamentals
  Include: Watchlist and market movers. Market movers can be changed to view a different ranking criteria, time, direction and limit.
 Includes: Your portfolio summary such as cash balances and portfolio value. Also shows what orders are pending.
Within your portfolio, click the  icon. Here you will find your trading history. At the top left of this popup, there is 3 icons. 

 will allow you to filter your trading history.
 will allow you to export trading history to a CSV file. 
 will allow you to auto-sync your trading history to Sharesight. Click here for more information.

To BUY and SELL a stock, look to the bottom right of the chart. Clicking on this will give you the option of a ‘limit order’ or ‘market order’.

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