Can I open multiple accounts under one subscription?

Can I open multiple accounts under one subscription?

Absolutely - as long as you are one of the beneficial owners of the account or you hold an Authority to Deal.   

When you decide to open another account under your subscription, you must be logged into Marketech Focus under the paid account (and not through any trial accounts)
  1. Log into the  web-version of Marketech Focus
  2. Click on   
  3. Select 'My Accounts'
  4. Add Account
  5. Marketech Stockbroking
  6. Start Application
  1. You will be redirected to our online account application page where you can select and complete an application form according to the account type and name. 
  2. If you wish to open an account for your partner (i.e. Individual 2), complete the application form with their details.  You can choose to use your email address for correspondence or use their email address as the contact.
  3. If Individual 2 is over the age of 18, they will need to provide you with Authority to Deal on their account.  We will forward you an additional form which requires signature from both yourself and Individual 2 and you will both be required to provide original certified copies of your ID, to verify your signatures and for AML purposes.
  4. The linking of the new account to your Focus platform occurs during the final stages of the account set up.  When the email headed "Your trading account is ready!" is received for the new account, click the link and enter YOUR Focus login and PIN.  The new account will then appear in your Focus platform.
NOTE:  The Authority to Deal is not a Power of Attorney – it is simply confirmation that the account holder allows you to access and trade on their behalf.  It can be revoked at any time by providing us with written instructions.

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