Are shares purchased through Marketech CHESS sponsored?

Are shares purchased through Marketech CHESS sponsored?

Yes, all shares bought through Marketech are CHESS sponsored in your account name.

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    • What's the difference between issuer and broker sponsored shares?

      Issuer sponsored shares are issued directly from the company and are maintained by a share registry.  They are identified by a Securityholder Reference Number (SRN) that typically starts with an “I” e.g. I0007627234. Broker sponsored shares are ...
    • When will I receive my shares?

      Settlement of shares purchased occurs automatically two business days after a trade takes place.
    • Can I place conditional orders on Marketech Focus?

      Different scenarios Stop orders (or conditional orders) allow you to trigger a buy or sell order once a certain price event has occurred. Steps in the order: 1)    Nominate the trigger price – either ‘last price’, ‘bid’ or ‘offer’. The last price is ...
    • What are the fees for Marketech?

      Marketech charge for the subscription to our trading platform and brokerage for trades. Platform charge This fee is direct debited from your credit/debit card every month. The billing date for your subscription is based on the date you subscribe. Our ...
    • When will I receive the proceeds from the sale of my shares?

      Proceeds from the sale of a stock or listed security are settled and transferred in 'real time' into your linked Macquarie CMA on T+2 (trade date plus two business days). Exceptions to this is when there is a 'deferred settlement' on a stock, which ...