Access your Tax Summary in the iPayroll Payslip Kiosk

Access your Tax Summary in the iPayroll Payslip Kiosk

You must activate your Payslip Kiosk before you can login to change your details.

Select here to learn how to activate your Payslip Kiosk


Access your Tax Summary in the Payslip Kiosk 

View or print your summary of earnings certificate for each tax year. 

1. Go to the "Tax Summary" menu.

Select the Tax Summary option from the menu.

"Tax Summary" will be in the menu at the top when viewing on desktop

On mobile, select the black square with three white lines to expand the menu. Select Tax Summary from the menu.

2. View your yearly "Summary of Earnings" reports.

If you are a new employee, you may not have any tax summaries yet. You will see a message if that is the case.

If you believe you are seeing this message in error, please speak with your manager.

Your latest tax summary appears when you select "Tax Summary". Browse previous tax summaries by selecting the details on the left.

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