Effective after 1st June 2021


Our standard cancelation policy applies at all times except where government mandated travel restrictions relating to covid-19 prevents you from:


a)      reaching your pick up location on the date of pick up, or

b)      leaving that region on the date of pick up.


If travel restrictions are in place that prevents you from picking up the equipment, or from exiting the region or state on the day of pick up, our covid-cancelation policy applies.


In that event you will be issued with a Credit Note to the value of the deposit or any other amount paid by the Hirer under the Hire Agreement.

The Credit Note is issued with the following terms and benefits:
    1. Standard rental terms and conditions apply
    2. Standard rental rates apply
    3. Travel is to be completed by 31st of March 2023
    4. Bookings are subject to availability - early bookings are recommended, particularly for peak school holiday dates
    5. Rebooking’s are made free of administration fees
    6. No “Change Fees” are charged to alter a booking slightly after securing flights, annual leave, etc.
    7. Can be used on any product across the Crikey Camper Hire and Red Dirt 4WD Rentals brands
    8. The Credit Note can be transferred to another party 

In the event your hire has commenced and mandated travel restrictions introduced during your rental period require you to return the equipment prior to your scheduled return date, then you will be issued with a Credit Note for all unused rental days.

Please note this ‘covid-cancelation’ policy does not apply if you have concerns about what might happen before it is actually known. Our standard cancelation policy applies until travel restrictions that directly impacts your booking are announced.


We think our policy is generous and offers favourable rebooking conditions in an environment where, unfortunately, COVID can no longer be considered an unforeseeable event.  


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me on 08 6364 0000.


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