A Child Employment Information Form needs to be completed by a parent or guardian before a child commences employment then submitted to the employer. This information form is supplied by Bubblegum or found on (search the form by name). For other states please contact your local government employment agency.

The Child Employment Information Form is set as a Smart Form (Adobe X), which means you can save it to your computer and type your child’s details directly onto the form. Once your details have been saved, you can email the form per instruction.

Important information items to assist with form completion:

  • Medicare card

  • Health Insurance details

  • Ambulance membership number

  • Doctor’s contact details, including name, phone number
    and address

  • Any special medical requirements – such as allergies,
    current medications, etc

Please see a sample of a Child Employment Information Form below.

Bubblegum is always on hand to help with paperwork inquiries. We generally work as a go-between for you and the employer to ensure all documents are understood, completed and received. Once a child has been successful regarding employment it is very important that paperwork completion doesn’t hold up the process. If you have any queries related to the above, please email


1. Child Employment Information Form

3. Child Employment Information Form
4. Child Employment Information Form
5. Child Employment Information Form
6. Child Employment Information Form
7. Child Employment Information Form

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