Bubblegum has been around since 1981 and is one of Australia’s leading acting and modelling agencies for kids and teenagers. Through consistent networking across the entertainment industry, we make and maintain contacts within work fields such as photography, film, television, theatre, voiceovers, catwalk modelling, corporate videos, and musical theatre. While being represented by Bubblegum, both you and your child can enjoy the benefits of being a part of our extensive network of industry professionals.


Once upon a time… a wonderful lady named Jacki Jenkinson opened a child talent agency and called it Bubblegum Casting.

The year was 1981 and Jacki had already made a name for herself in the industry. And so when Bubblegum Casting opened its doors, it wasn’t long before Jacki’s new venture became the go-to agency for major brands and production companies looking for Australia’s brightest young talent.

Jacki’s dream was to establish an agency that was built on family values and one that always put the welfare of the children on its books first. In the many years since, we’ve worked incredibly hard to keep that dream alive while discovering some of Australia’s most famous child stars along the way!

Jacki has since retired from the business but by passing the reins to our current managing director and owner Adam Jacobs, she kept the agency within the Bubblegum family.

Adam himself is no stranger to the agency having been heavily involved with Bubblegum throughout his life. His sister Jessica was, in fact, one of Bubblegum’s brightest young stars enjoying success on stage and screen before she tragically passed away at the very young age of 17.

With an unquestionable passion for the agency, Adam was determined to help Bubblegum grow, but this meant taking the agency in a new direction. As an experienced digital marketer Adam felt it was time to update Bubblegum’s traditional business model to suit the needs of the modern client and today’s child actor and model.

We modernised our internal processes, implemented the use of cutting edge technology, and reinvented the agency. Sure, we still hold to those family values that we’re famed for, but thanks to Adam’s leadership and the dedication of our young and energetic staff, Bubblegum now has a new lease of life.

And we’re not done yet!

Originally a Melbourne based child talent agency, we now also have offices serving clients and talented kids in both Sydney and Brisbane with plans to expand even further afield in the not too distant future.

We’re just getting warmed up, so watch this spac


To provide a professional and reliable service to our Clients and Talent, in order to provide our Clients with a variety of talented and reliable children and adults. We represent and promote these talents professionally and honestly, so as to provide them with every opportunity to obtain exposure and work within the industry. Bubblegum is very much a family and friends oriented company.


Take a peek behind the curtain at Bubblegum Casting.

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